Port Orford Area

Sights to See and Things to Do in Port Orford Area

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Port Orford is a lovely community of about 1,200 people…..friendly and more than ready to help out a neighbor. Port Orford may not have all the amenities found in a large, bustling city, however, we have all the necessary comforts plus the charm of a small town centered on home and family.

One of the things that make Port Orford special is it’s unique, sheltered location on the southern Oregon coast. Nestled in a cove surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, the Port Orford headlands and Humbug Mountain. On the inland side of town, you’ll find wooded hillsides perfect for homesites with panoramic views or public lands preserved for wildlife habitat and nature walks.

Port Orford weather is mild, with a breezy wind that keeps the fog away almost all year. Strong coastal winds may occur during a storm or on warm summer afternoons.

In my opinion, the best weather starts in October when the winds are mild, the days are sunny and fresh, and the sunsets are gorgeous!


More to See…Just a Short Drive from Port Orford

West Coast Game Park …bring the kids to see and pet a variety of wildlife…close up!
Prehistoric Gardens …a wonder for kids and adults. Dinosaurs have hidden in the rainforest.
Bandon Dunes Golf Course
Lighthouse Touring In addition to the Cape Blanco Lighthouse in Port Orford, there are many more lighthouses along the Oregon Coast such as the Charleston Lighthouse and the Bandon Lighthouse. Many are open to the public.
Charleston Cliffs …this area is a little over an hour from Port Orford, just the other side of Coos Bay. It is absolutely beautiful.
Shore Acres State Park …once the gardens of a historic mansion built on a cliff, now open to the public for daily tours. Acres of flowers, well-groomed gardens, and beautiful views! A photographers dream! The park is often booked for weddings and special events.


Maps & Photos

 City of Port Orford map …PDF file opens in new window.
 How to get to Port Orford … with milage chart.
 Map of North Curry County …showing communities of Port Orford, Langlois and Denmark.
 Oregon Coast map …provided by Yahoo.
 Historic maps & photos …nice collection of historic photographs relating to Port Orford.
 Norma’s Photo Album…my own personal collection of scenic snapshots taken along the Oregon coast!

Sights to See

Port Orford Heads is one of my favorite Port Orford sites. On the Port Orford headlands, a Port Orford Heads State Park sits above town on what is known as

Coast Guard Hill. The headlands offer several hiking trails to choose from. Walking these trails will set your clock right on time if you know what I mean! This is where you will be as close to God as you can get other than going to Heaven! The ocean vistas from the top of the hill are unmatchable. You can see as far as the eye will take you and in many different directions. It is like being on the top of the earth. Absolutely unexplainable with ordinary words.

Coast Guard Hill State Park Unless you know Port Orford well, you might drive through our quaint little town and not even know the Park is there. In the State Park, old growth trees line the hiking trails along with abundant ferns and low lying brush such as Salal. You can also find very secluded settings if you venture off the man-made trails and follow a trail made by the deer native to this area. It is unlike no other place in this world! The serene atmosphere is very peaceful.

Coast Guard Museum and Lifeboat Station Lifeboat Station is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Remnants of the old Coast Guard station can easily be found by Coast Guard Hill visitors. There is a lot of history in this specific area of Port Orford and the Museum is well worth a visit!

Paradise Point State Park is where the locals and informed visitors come to watch the sunsets over the great Pacific Ocean. They are a beautiful and colorful sight to see and different every night. Often times you will get lucky and see a whale and her baby playing just off the beach or perhaps traveling up or down the coastline for their annual migration.

Battle Rock State Park Battle Rock is the site of the initial founding of the City of Port Orford. Read more about the history of Port Orford at “Discover Port Orford.”
Cape Blanco Lighthouse and State Park Cape Blanco is the oldest lighthouse on the Oregon Coast with many ‘claims to fame’. The lighthouse is known for the first female keeper, the highest above water and the only continuously run lighthouse on the Oregon Coast.

The Port-Orford-Cedar is a unique tree that only grows in the Port Orford area. “It has has long been recognized for its characteristic beauty. In 1854, seed was collected from Port-Orford-Cedar… and taken back to England for culturing as an ornamental. Many different cultivars of Port-Orford-Cedar were developed and it became a very popular and widely used tree and shrub in landscaping in Europe and North America. ….. Port-Orford-Cedar has been an extremely valuable commercial species, both for its landscaping use and as a finished wood product. Individual mature Port-Orford-Cedar trees can bring up to $50,000 on the open market.” (quoted from US Forest Service)

Other Sights to See & Things to Do in Port Orford

Humbug Mountain State Park & Humbug Mountain Trail

 Garrison Lake is actually a lagoon and is between the downtown district and the ocean.

 Floras Lake…north of Port Orford near Langlois at the Pacific end of Floras Creek.

 Sixes River … a scenic spot a few miles north of Port Orford city limits. Fishermen come from all over to fish the Elk and Sixes River for Salmon and Steelhead every year.

 Elk River and Elk River Hatchery …tours are welcome

 Historic Hughes House …an 1898 Victorian open to the public April-October